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Untitled Winter Diary takes as its inspiration an imaginary retreat to a sleepy, snow-covered village to disconnect, reflect, and try to come to terms with loss. The simplest arrangement since 1999's Voices Through Endless Walls, this is an album of intimate acoustic guitar performances with only touches of piano, mellotron, and basic synthesizer. Along with several new pieces, as part of looking back it includes re-recordings of a few of my very early compositions, thematically linked with the new and particularly deserving of an updated presentation.

1.Arrival ~ White Somewhere(3,41)
2.Retracing I(6,24)
3.A View Without A Room(2,04)
4.Time Waning(4,04)
5.Footprints In The Moonlit Snow(3,35)
6.Clay Trees(3,54)
7.Far-Off Sounds Of Others(2,04)
8.Ask Me(4,46)
9.Emptiness And Closed Doors(1,51)
10.The Eye Of All Ways(6,40)
11.A Gentle Soul (for Bruford)(4,03)

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Album artwork by Marc Carlton, Juliette Merle, and Florin Avramescu.