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Untitled Inspired by the philosophical problem of free will, this album is my attempt to have the best musical adventure possible on rails. Free to explore rhythm, melody and instrumentation, part of the approach was to break rules—particularly my own—and resist simplification. Roughly half of the tracks started off as improvisations which were then enhanced and developed further, but leaving the raw building blocks intact and central. There is as much influence here from childhood television and video game soundtracks as there is from electronica, progressive and jazz rock, and in terms of overall sound it could be said to be the natural evolution of Cityscape from For Imagination; nebulous by design, but this time with a more positive momentum.

Interlocutor is dedicated to Chris Squire, who died 27th June 2015.

1.Emergency Overture(5,05)
2.Das Äußerste Ufer Der Sehnsucht(11,05)
3.Degrees Of Freedom(9,54)
5.Picking Up The Pieces(2,16)
6.Neutral Karma Due To Admin Error(3,52)
7.A Moment's Grace(1,24)
8.Second Order Waltz(3,48)
9.Matter Over Matter(4,13)
10.Pesmerga Finds Yuber(11,44)
11.The Art Of Patience(3,33)

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Album artwork by Alastair McLauchlan.