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Crab Nebula Truth is the process of ascertaining what exists, of describing reality. Imagination is about what could be, and perhaps even what can never be.

The things we imagine may not be actual, but they can move us in ways that reality cannot, and allow us to place ourselves in potential spaces, potential futures. When such ideas are captured through the arts, something tangible is born that otherwise could not be. From the human perspective, this can be seen as an accomplishment beyond the endless accumulation of facts about a universe that exists irrespective of us rather than because of us.

So powerful are the effects of the imagination that some people believe it to be a window into some other level of reality—but this is a mistake. While new truths can fire the imagination, and through imagination we may uncover new truths, integrity requires that we stay mindful of the difference between the two. However, this does not imply that imagination is somehow wrong, or silly, and should not in any way diminish the importance and potency of it; it is possible to live in both of these worlds simultaneously and without overlap.

While the process of truth is the authority I live by, it is imagination that I live for.

iii)Suburban Refuge
iv)Ruins Of Hanging Generators
v)Heavy Metal Poisoning (including Antidote)
vii)A Watchtower
2.Somniare Aude, Sapere Aude(20,39)
i)Romance In Negatives
ii)Towards Actualisation
iv)Penumbral Interlude
vi)This Is Who We Are
ii)Leaving The Orbital Colossus
iii)Aeon Transit
iv)Unfamiliar Horizon

"Imagination will often carry us
to worlds that never were.
But without it we go nowhere."

—Carl Sagan

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Album artwork by Marc Carlton, featuring photography courtesy of NASA