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Frozen Lake Reflections Beyond the vague, everyday notions of rightness and fact-as-opposed-to-fiction, 'truth' is a concept that has been hijacked: spiritualised by the dogmatic self-effacement inherent to religion; rendered grandiloquent by postmodernist scorn. With the fear and embarrassment of using the term for anything more than personal beliefs has come a lack of trust in our own power—and responsibility—to improve ourselves, to change the world. Without that conviction, we remain at the mercy of ancient flaws, and the world sleeps.

Truth is ours. Truth is not subjective. Truth is objective in that it is formed through self-awareness, communication and the meeting of minds. Truth is reason. Truth necessarily evolves with time and knowledge.

I make music because that purpose is the truth I arrived at, and lying therein is not only the demonstration of that philosophy but also the possibility of transmitting its importance. There are various sounds which reflect living with this purpose...

This album is for truth. This album is For Truth.

1.For Truth(12,13)
2.One Possible Dream(11,47)
3.Ghosts Where Once We Hid(7,38)
4.Intersection Minor(2,34)
5.Caught In The Fourth Wall(6,36)
7.Return From Fading Landscapes(10,05)
8.Intersection Major(1,56)
9.Reason Or Die(8,41)


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Album artwork by Marc Carlton, Jan Krutisch, Alastair McLauchlan, and Kate Toft.