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Transient The themes of waiting and immobility which have always crept into my music are expounded further in this work. As soon as 'time' and 'routine' are all it takes to distract us from our true intentions, our true plans, our true dreams, we become our own worst enemy... And yet, time and routine are elementary parts of life. Where does real discipline begin? What does it mean to move forward? This album charts the hesitations, the mental circles, the false journeys, and the bitter abeyances, caught in the most terrible stasis of all.

1.Beyond Surprise(8,17)
2.True Wilderness I(2,47)
4.It Never Happened(7,02)
5.A Future, Already A Memory(4,18)
7.True Wilderness II(4,05)
9.He Runs At Night(5,11)
10.The Far Tide(1,41)

"And, in a time that's closer;
Life will be even older."

—Yes, Then

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Album artwork by Marc Carlton, Maria L Moore, and Alastair McLauchlan.