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Eyes This project is the culmination of scattered pieces from two years of writing, and deals primarily with themes of loss and failure, both on a deeply personal level and on a wider basis, by continuing the exploration of time, pause and reflection, growth and collapse. This album goes further in the attempt to fuse written material with improvised sections, capturing unique and often highly focused performances and then working with them towards a finished idea. The 'ageless sense' is the perception that seems to have always been with us, evident in the arts and other legacies from all over the world, all throughout history. The sense that our lives seem almost invariably fraught with inconsistency, inadequacy, and loss.

1.From The Mirror(4,35)
2.Winds Of Cirrus XIV(3,47)
3.Silently, Invisibly, Slowly
i)Fall Of A Promise(1,39)
iii)Watching, Though It Never Comes(0,42)
iv)Believing Before(1,37)
vi)Nemine Contradicente(3,42)
4....And The Depth Of That Moment Asked If Anyone Even Belonged Here...(2,23)
5.Time Waning(3,46)

"Suffering is the distance between who we are now and what we know to be possible."

—Robert Fripp
The Stage

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Album artwork by Marc Carlton and Alastair McLauchlan.