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A logical progression from Passing Within Realtime, delving deeper into the analysis of life throughout four distinct pieces of instrumental music. Each piece studies a different point of awareness in considerable detail, from calm memories to deep uneasiness and fear, through to an overview of the passage of time.

NB. This album was recorded on a 4-track tape machine, with all the technical limitations of that medium. CDs for purchase are mastered from those original tapes. So while the sound quality is far better than a bootleg, for example, minor equipment and performance flaws do remain. Caveat emptor.
Amongst The Wraiths
Disc One
1. Part One; Our Cries Made Clear(22,11)
2. Part Two; The Fragile Shade(20,36)
Disc Two
1. Part Three; Tree Of Poisons(22,24)
2. Part Four; Resonance(22,50)

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Album artwork by Marc Carlton and Alastair McLauchlan.