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Fence A gentle introduction to my work; a presentation of various perceptions that could be said to exist when life becomes real, when we are at our most self-aware... Fragments from the deepest realm of the senses. Reflections on awakening, waiting, indecision, determination, corruption, and freedom.

NB. This album was recorded on a 4-track tape machine, with all the technical limitations of that medium. CDs for purchase are mastered from those original tapes. So while the sound quality is far better than a bootleg, for example, minor equipment and performance flaws do remain. Caveat emptor.

1.Opening - Waiting...(1,36)
2.Silent Halls (Part One & Part Two)(9,28)
3.The Eye Of All Ways(6,11)
4.Winds Of Cirrus X(3,20)
6.Clay Trees(3,41)
7.Chinese Whispers(11,13)
8.Winds Of Cirrus VII(2,15)
9.Ovriah II(5,20)
10.Passing Within Realtime(10,40)
The Approach

Which Beach?

"It has been said that when we successfully create a rapport with Art's own language, to the Artist this is when life becomes real. I agree."

—original album liner notes

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Album artwork by Marc Carlton and Neil McMillan.