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A continuous suite of sixteen parts, this project carries the multifaceted theme of human responses; some unconscious, some we are aware of, but all of which make up who we are. Once again, the music comes to life from mainly improvised recordings, capturing my own reactions to the moment, a process of idea-into-sound very much specific to my own character. The listener then, too, hears this music and responds to it internally according to their character. With this in mind, and drawing on all that I learned from my previous work, I have pieced together a journey of sound that attempts to maintain this interplay of responses at its most direct, a story - an 'arc' - of our emotions and thoughts, of life. With many new sounds as well as old, dense layers of complex progressive sections and ambient soundscapes, the resulting experience is one I hope proves as absorbing for other listeners as it is for me.

1. One(5,17)
2. Two(4,47)
3. Three(3,25)
4. Four(5,48)
5. Five(2,39)
6. Six(5,39)
7. Seven(2,10)
8. Eight(2,37)
9. Nine(2,54)
10. Ten(4,31)
11. Eleven(4,01)
12. Twelve(2,55)
13. Thirteen(3,50)
14. Fourteen(3,54)
15. Fifteen(7,49)
16. Sixteen(2,10)

Album artwork by Marc Carlton and Neil McMillan.