Bridge - music collaboration with Kate Toft
Kate Toft - works from the mind of the poet and fellow musician
Barcelona Group Improv - improvised electronic music collaboration
Mike Oldfield - information about the genius multi-instrumentalist
Discipline Global Mobile - record label home to King Crimson & others
YesWorld - information about the legendary progressive rock band
Van Der Graaf Generator - information on the legendary progressive rock band
Camel Productions - information on the legendary progressive rock band
Smile Please (Japanese) - official website of soundtrack musician Nobuo Uematsu
Our Millennial Fair - official website of soundtrack musician Yasunori Mitsuda
Hitoshi Sakimoto (Japanese) - official website of soundtrack musician Hitoshi Sakimoto
Basiscape - various Japanese game musicians
Shingetsu (Japanese) - information on the Japanese progressive rock band
Prog Archives - progressive rock information and reviews
Game Audio Network Guild - organisation for the support of interactive audio

The Zeitgeist Movement - activist arm of The Venus Project, a proposition for a money-free global society and probably our only chance for survival
End Evil - political commentary, rants, plus film and game reviews
The Atheism Web - forum for the resistance against religion
Richard Dawkins - consciousness raising by the brilliant evolutionary biologist

The Black Cat Gallery - visual art in various styles by the Essex artist Maria L. Moore
Al's Artwork - graphic works by long-time collaborator Alastair McLauchlan
Greencode IT Consultancy - software engineering and web designs by Neil McMillan

Konami - worldwide links for the prolific software entertainment company
Sega (Japanese) - Japanese games developer's homepage
Shadow Of The Colossus - information on this unique and beautiful adventure game
Square-Enix - worldwide links for the Japanese games developer
Aces Web (Japanese) - portal for the outstanding game series combining strong anti-war stories with the real emotion of flying

The Madrigal Project - homepage of the arts co-operative