Involvements, interests, and formative influences...

Barcelona Group Improv - a day of improvised electronic music I took part in
The Punishment (Trailer) - soundtrack for Chris Sexton Fletcher's short film

Mike Oldfield (Wikipedia) - the genius multi-instrumentalist
Yes (Wikipedia) - legendary progressive rock band
Genesis (Wikipedia) - legendary progressive rock band
Discipline Global Mobile - record label home to King Crimson & others
Van Der Graaf Generator (Wikipedia) - legendary progressive rock band
Camel Productions - legendary progressive rock band Camel
Tangerine Dream (Wikipedia) - legendary progressive rock/electronic band
Jean-Michel Jarre (Wikipedia) - legendary electronic instrumentalist
Shingetsu (Japanese) - legendary progressive rock band
Nobuo Uematsu (Wikipedia) - soundtrack composer
Our Millennial Fair (Japanese) - soundtrack composer Yasunori Mitsuda
Basiscape - soundtrack composer Hitoshi Sakimoto and team

Xenogears (Japanese) - the best game ever made
Final Fantasy - epic role-playing game series with core values of artistry, beautiful music, and immersive worlds
Chrono Trigger | Chrono Chross (Wikipedia) - role-playing games with complex stories involving time travel and parallel worlds
ICO/Shadow Of The Colossus/The Last Guardian (Japanese) - portal for Fumito Ueda's unique and beautiful adventure games
Silent Hill (Wikipedia) - psychological horror game series exploring the inner darkness
Metal Gear (Wikipedia) - tactical espionage action games with noteworthy cautionary tales
Ace Combat (Japanese) - aerial action game series combining strong anti-war stories with the real emotion of flying