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Wave To Me

Wave to me, across the darkness
Build the bridge, touch me, make it real: a true meeting is all I ask.
Let us fill the space in between.
Castaways, our islands separated by layers upon layers
Cut through, see beyond;
Reach out to me, make contact.
Minds together, reflecting and amplifying
Each a magnifying glass.
Illuminate, explore...
We let all fall from our eyes, revealing only truth.
Finding a haven in the fleeting moments, cutting through to the core
Direct and sharp
This instant, this moment, sweet contact.
Make a connection, sincere and pure
Share your experience, unaffected, undistorted
Heighten my perception, intensity piercing the night

Wave to me, across the darkness
Don't turn away, don't leave me here, don't falter;
What is more real than this? Stay in the moment!
Don't let the world steal away your soul.
Keep building, keep waving, once discovered, less easily lost...
Stay here with me, hold on to the truth,
This joy and pain I could not bear to forget.

The hours in between tear at my soul
I feel the pull of the dark that would drag me away
But I will not let it!
Though I fear the dark, fear the breaking, fear to sink gently back into before,
Let the fear sting me and strengthen my resolve,
And though the meeting makes the darkness deeper,
The pain stronger, the grief more acute
Gladly would I pay that price a thousand times over
For an experience truly shared.