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Was I waiting for this moment?
Slow the path that led me here.
All that was lost slowly re-found
The sweetness of rediscovery.

The slow soul churns on,
The essence of me preserved against
All external attacks, both the
Violent and the gentle.

But the core remains, somehow, and
Given its own time leads me
Back to my truth.

Returning, re-learning
There is no time I would rather
Be than now, no other place,
Than here in this moment, alone.

Time's long toll of layers
Each exposed
Flicker and evaporate when laid bare to the
Light of truth and purpose: my reality.

Now free from the insidious, bewitching silence,
My new expression.
At first it chafes and scrapes,
Wounding those who would hear it, speaking only
Those cold hard truths as if
They had ever been on my lips.

Voice ever stronger, never
Again to slip unheard and unheeded into comfort,
I rejoice in each step of this journey taking me back
Towards myself.