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No Time

Hurry, look behind you!
Watch out, keep ahead...
You tell yourself these things... so busy... head in the future
Open your eyes! Or now will pass you by...

It's right here, before you, the moment -
Tomorrow is cruel and
  yesterday is unforgiving
But now is all, limitless potential.
Wake up! Now will pass you by and leave you
  stranded, grasping onto nothing.

Hold on! Own it! This is all you have,
  now, forever...
To ignore the moment is to lose yourself in time
And before you know,
Your somnambulance has let time carry you,
a dumb passenger on its irrepressible, immutable tide,
Into your future, past your future that once seemed so full of possibility, potential.

But you neglect now,
There is no going back.
Now is lost when you defer it without thought again, and again, and again...

...but now is not yet over!

Not until your life's watch finally counts its last moment...

So grasp it, own it, live it, be it.