Hello there, and thanks for visiting my music pages at The Madrigal Project. This is a presentation of my personal work over the years and features each of my finished instrumental albums. Select 'Music' from the menu on the left and then choose a link to view the information for a particular album and related cover artworks. All of the music is available to stream or download from my Bandcamp page.

Marc My life revolves around music in one form or another, and this has been the case for many years now. It's difficult to place what I do within any particular style or genre, but I have of course been strongly influenced by the music I'm most passionate about: the '70s progressive rock era (mainly the work of King Crimson, Genesis, Mike Oldfield and Yes), atmospheric electronic music (Tangerine Dream, Robert Fripp, Kenji Kawai), and video game soundtracks (Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, Hitoshi Sakimoto).

In general I try to make music that has some depth and detail to be discovered, that is challenging in some way, and has a concept behind it that's more than the usual love/loss story. At its best, music is about recreating the form and pace of a perception, a thought, through the arrangement of sound in time and space, and each piece can be a journey through any number of such states. I like to use a variety of instruments and tools—whatever helps bring new vocabulary to the sonic language—and also have a strong inclination towards improvisation at all levels of musical construction.

I hope you might find something here that gives you pause.